Regular Cleaning Appointments Aren’t Just About Making Your Teeth Pearly-White!

Some people love to have their regular cleanings; some go because they know that it is a good idea. If you are one of those who believe that since you brush your teeth and floss, there is really no urgency in scheduling your regular cleaning exams - think again! Regular oral health exams are about so much more than pearly-teeth-whitening; they can prevent tooth decay and prevent other serious consequences of not visiting a dentist in Norwalk, CT. 

Good Oral Health

According to statistics, oral disease affects 3.5 billion people or more, which equals half of the population. Of those cases, many often go undiagnosed. Tooth decay remains the highest risk to your oral health, with periodontal disease a close second. And 25% of adults currently have cavities that they don’t even know about. Regular check-ups are critical to keeping oral disease at bay as a preventative measure that will save you both pain and money. During your regular exam, we look for things like cavities, signs that indicate progressive gum disease, oral or throat cancer. 


X-Rays are Critical

People often opt out of the x-ray portion of the exam, but that can be a huge mistake. Oral x-rays give us essential information about what is lying underneath places we can’t see like the gums and the gum line. We can also view things like impacted wisdom teeth or bone loss and address any issues early instead of waiting for them to surface. Make sure not to skip it - the x-rays are an important part of your oral exam and overall health. 

Statistics Don’t Lie!

Research shows that if you don’t take care of oral health issues, they can lead to an increased risk of stroke, bone loss, heart disease, and overall poor oral health. This means checking the status of your oral health is not just about the condition that your teeth are in. Oral health can affect your overall health and longevity; while regular exams might not seem to be that important, they really are!

Most people think about the “cleaning” part of regular cleaning exams and not much about the “exam” part, but it is a critical component of your overall health and wellness. Dr. Elke Cheung is the family dentist in Norwalk, CT to schedule an appointment with, because you can rest assured that you will not only walk out with the pearly whites you desire, but also knowing that you did something for your overall health. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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