Teeth Whitening in Fairfield County, CT

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, none is faster, more inexpensive, and makes as much of an impact as teeth whitening. Teeth whitening used to require messy pastes and trays and took days to weeks. Thanks to advances in technology, teeth whitening can now be done in the dentist's office in just one appointment, or even at home on your own time. Our teeth whitening procedures can help to eliminate discoloration and internal staining, which the over-the-counter alternatives cannot. And the process typically takes just thirty to sixty minutes - or can be done at home on your own time.

What Teeth Whitening Options Do We Recommend?

Because different people need to address different types of staining and discoloration and have preferences, we offer custom trays with Zoom whitening gels to use at home, and Kor Whitening for more extreme staining cases. When patients have deep staining caused by things like tetracycline, it takes a different type of whitening procedure. Kor Whitening is exclusively offered by your dental professional. It is designed for people who can’t get the whitening effect they desire using other whitening methods. It is a Tri-Barrel, Dual-Activated Hydremide Peroxide formation that gives you amazing results without using lasers or lights.

Teeth Whitening Home Trays

 For those who prefer to do their whitening on the go and on their own, teeth whitening home trays are an excellent alternative to whitening appointments. We create custom-made trays that you can take with you and enhance your teeth’s appearance around your schedule. With just a couple of hours every day, you will witness a progressively whiter smile each day. When your teeth are as white and bright as you want, you can continue to wear the trays to maintain your healthy smile. The trays fit like a glove, and they can be used over and over with our special whitening gel for touch-ups in the future.

What is Zoom Whitening in Fairfield County, CT?

Zoom is one of the most popular options for teeth whitening. It is an in-office procedure that uses an Advanced Power Chairside Lamp that helps to activate the whitening gel, which contains 25 percent hydrogen peroxide to expedite the bleaching process. The session only takes about an hour, and the bleach can effectively reduce discolored enamel and teeth staining, while not increasing sensitivity or hurting your teeth’s integrity.

Which Teeth Whitening Procedure is Right for You?

The right teeth whitening procedure for you depends on your personal preference and the issues that you need to address. For really tough stains, Kor Whitening is the best option. For less stubborn and noticeable stains, it depends on whether you want to whiten your teeth in the office or take it home to do yourself. Whatever you choose, we guarantee you will be smiling prettier than ever before. If you are ready to love your smile again, contact our office today and let's find the right method to get you started.


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