Your Family Members All Have Specific Needs - Five Things That Say Your Dentist is Up for the Challenge

As a young adult, you usually pick your doctor and dentist based on your specific needs at the time, but as you get older, your needs likely change. Additionally, many people begin to reevaluate their dentist as they get married and start a family. Unlike doctors, where children almost always go to a pediatrician, family dentists are a great way to keep care for all in the family - but not all dentists are cut out for the challenge. Pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry all require certain skill sets. How does your family dentist in Norwalk, CT measure up to the challenge? These are five things to look for if you are considering switching professionals!


The top characteristic that you want your family dentist to have if they are dealing with your children is patience. Let’s face it: getting kids to sit still is a skill all its own! When you combine that with reaching in their mouth, using tools on their teeth, and all the anxiety that can come with it, you want to find someone who is calm, cool, and collected and has the patience that it takes to give your child the best experience. Those first encounters with a dentist will likely shape their attitudes toward dental care for a lifetime, so make sure that you find someone who’s willing to put in the work to form a relationship!


The dental care you need as an adult differs from a child’s oral care needs. Children have dental issues that can sometimes be difficult, orthodontic needs, and baby teeth that need monitoring. A family dentist must have the knowledge and training to spot things in adult oral care as well as pediatric care, which means that they have extensive training and can switch gears from one patient to the next quickly and efficiently!


When it comes to getting kids to sit still…well, we all know how that goes. A good family dentist will invest in equipment and technology that saves time for everyone’s benefit. They will also have modern conveniences like the iTero scanner, which gives a better vision of what is going on for a more accurate diagnosis and to help develop a treatment plan if you need some additional care!


Part of being patient and learning to roll with the needs of adults and children comes with experience. Find a dentist who has been in the industry for a while and dealt with all kinds of issues and different personalities. In family dentistry, experience is the key to not only find what works but to rule out what doesn’t, especially when it comes to treating children!


It is difficult for many professionals to put themselves in the shoes of a child who is experiencing a lot of anxiety. Make sure that your family dentist has the empathy to see the concern on your child’s face and address it appropriately. When it comes to treating kids, taking the necessary actions to ensure that they have a good experience is key. Using things like laughing gas and sedation (when necessary) are all ways to keep your child healthy both physically and emotionally!

If you are switching from a single adult to married with kids, your needs for family dental care are going to change. Before you choose a family dentist in Norwalk, CT, make sure that they are up for the challenge of caring for the whole family. At Dr. Cheung, we have the empathy, experience, and willingness to ensure that every family member not only has a good experience, but that they love sitting in the dentist’s chair! Contact us today to schedule your family’s appointments!

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