Dr. Cheung Has Added the iTero Scanner

At Elke Cheung Dentistry, we believe that the only way to deliver superior service is through investing in the latest technology to provide a seamless experience for our patients. We are proud to announce that we offer the iTero scanner. Advancements in oral care have changed tremendously over the past several years, and investing in the iTero scanner is our way of staying current with cutting-edge technology. The iTero scanner helps us with restorative dentistry, orthodontic options, and speeds up your process to a greater smile. It is a tool that has completely overhauled the way that we do things and we are excited to share it with you.

What is the iTero Scanner?

The iTero scanner is a tool that works by digitally recreating the structure of your teeth, gums, and overall bite using optical technology. It allows us to build a model of your teeth without the use of goopy impression material in a matter of minutes. Once complete, we have a perfect 3D image of your teeth, soft structures, and bite to use for diagnosis and treatment purposes. 

iTero is excellent for things like the Invisalign system and restorative dentistry options, including veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays, and more. It is the most efficient way to both diagnose and plan treatment in virtually all areas of dental care. 

What are the Benefits of the iTero Scanner?

The iTero is a type of intraoral scanner that goes in the patient’s mouth and then recreates the teeth and soft structures of the mouth on a digital screen, allowing us to both devise a treatment plan and share it with you as we walk through it together. The iTero scanner is not only a great tool for cosmetic dentistry; it also aids in all areas of oral exams, including regular checkups. 

The 3D scans allow us to see dental caries, issues like crowding, an uneven or maligned bite, plaque that might be forming on your teeth, chipped teeth, and many other structural issues that might not be seen by the naked eye during a dental examination. It also recognizes subtle changes that might occur from one appointment to the next. Spotting those changes might help to preempt an oral problem that is in the infancy stage, which is a great way to maximize our preventative care options.

iTero for Invisalign

Invisalign is quickly becoming one of the most popular orthodontic treatment options for dental patients. The iTero digital scanner allows us to show our patients what their teeth currently look like and then flash forward in phases to display what they will look like when the treatment is complete. Watching the progress, along with the results, helps our patients visualize the difference created by orthodontic treatment. 

That way, you as the patient can have input on your treatment plan. The iTero scanner also does away with the hassle of messy trays for impressions. If those impressions are not perfect, there is no way to design a treatment plan to get the results you desire.

At Elke Cheung Dentistry, we strive to deliver the best oral care in the area and the industry. Our in-house iTero scanner is just one way we are continually advancing to offer cutting-edge technology along with compassionate and caring treatment. We hope that you will enjoy the iTero experience and take full advantage of all of its uses by scheduling your restorative or orthodontic evaluation with us today!

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