Why Online Clear Aligner Systems are not a Deal

As we roll into another year, many will resolve to better themselves in 2023, while still others will resolve to save money. Just like anything else, when you hire a cosmetic dental professional based on cost alone, you get what you pay for. And with something as critical as the health of your teeth, it is never a good idea to go cheap. These are just some of the reasons why finding Invisalign treatment in Fairfield County, CT is a much better decision than choosing online treatment options.

Conciseness of Scans

Just like any other treatment, the results depend on how well you diagnose the problem in the first place. Invisalign treatment services online often only have kits available to take impressions of your teeth. Anyone who has ever used the clunky mold process can attest to the fact that it is anything but a concise process. When you have your impressions done in our office, we use a scanner for precision, and the images are sent via computer so you get the most accurate readings from the start of treatment!

Human Error is Always Going to Be a Problem

The Invisalign treatment is all done via computer animation and automation, but once the trays are mailed to the client, there is no one there to make sure that they are correct, to try them on, and to make sure that the client understands what they are supposed to do. Not all of us are fantastic at following or even reading directions, and making assumptions on something as important as your teeth is probably not the safest way to go. 

Compliance is Tough, Even When Someone is Watching

The Invisalign treatment plan relies heavily on customers being compliant with wearing them and keeping up with general care. Even when we have someone holding us accountable, it can be difficult to follow through. If you are doing Invisalign online, there is no way to check to ensure that things are moving along - or that you are helping them move along. If you have regular check-ins with someone who is holding you accountable, you are more likely to stay on track!

If Not Worn Correctly, They Can Lead to Teeth and Gum Issues

The biggest problem that we see with Invisalign is that the computer animation and recreation process is done without taking into account the whole bite process. The system tends to fix the upper and lower teeth as if they are separate pieces, but if they are not addressed together, it can lead to the top teeth not meeting correctly with the bottom. Over time, that will put wear and tear on your teeth and might even lead to chipping and cracking. 

If you have someone monitoring your teeth along the way, you are less likely to run into situations that can occur when no one is monitoring Invisalign to make those minor corrections that need to be made or ensure that the client is wearing the trays properly to facilitate the best results.

As we roll into the new year, many will resolve to be a better version of themselves in 2023. Others will also resolve to cut costs. If your goal is to have the straight teeth and smile you have been wanting forever, this is no time to go cheap! If you are going to invest, invest wisely by hiring our Invisalign treatment Fairfield, CT professional service today!

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