Four Advantages of In-Person Invisalign Versus Online Clear Aligners

Thanks to COVID, we are all a little more receptive to doing things remotely. Many of my clients ask me what the difference is between doing clear aligner therapy at home through an online company versus coming to our office for Invisalign treatment. Although I would love to say they are the same, there is a significant difference in the quality of care and results you get when you go through our office for your Invisalign treatment instead of doing treatment on your own online. Here are four major advantages.

Monitoring is a Must!

When it comes to orthodontic care, the treatment course does matter. No two people are going to have the same problems, response rate, or timeline. This is why monitoring your care is essential. When our patients come to us for Invisalign, we can monitor their progress. That means we can alter treatment protocols, make refinements, and customize their care as needed. With online care, if something goes wrong along the way, no one is watching.

Online is One-Dimensional

Those who choose clear aligners online send in their impressions - correct or not - and that is all the company has to go on. Orthodontics for most patients isn’t just about having a beautiful smile; it is also about function and how well the jaw and teeth work together. Of course, aesthetics are important, but your bite isn’t just about beauty. Having proper mechanics prevents jaw dysfunction and pain and promotes good oral health. Our training allows us to identify whether there are bigger problems with your oral health other than just not looking pretty!

Keeping You on Track

Doing clear aligner therapy online means all the trays are provided ahead of time. That means that patients are on their own to follow the instructions. And let’s be honest - we don’t always follow guidelines exactly as outlined. If you don’t wear your trays for the specified time and change them out as directed, you can get off-course. Changing too quickly or not being committed to following instructions can mean less-than-stellar results, and no online savings is worth that!

Holding You Accountable

Patients who choose clear aligners online have no one holding them accountable. Half the battle of foregoing traditional braces for clear aligner therapy is committing to following the guidelines. If there is no one monitoring the process, then it is much easier to go astray. Many patients begin the online process and then quickly lose interest.

It may seem great when the price of something is discounted. But when it comes to orthodontics, you might be saving pennies to shell out dollars. A dentist should be monitoring the whole progress, making refinements or revisions when necessary, and holding you accountable to finish the process. You might be paying more to do your treatment with a Certified Invisalign Dentist like Dr. Cheung, but what is more costly than letting your oral care and orthodontic care go by the wayside? Nothing. Contact us to begin your journey to a healthier and happier smile today!

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